Monday, September 17, 2012

my Father's hand is gracious to me

A few days ago, I awoke with this phrase in my head: "My Father's hand is gracious to me."  I brushed my teeth and braided my hair, "My Father's hand is gracious to me." Freshly dressed and out the door, "My Father's hand is gracious to me."

And as I sat in the early, misty, Palm Springs morning with my coffee, a dear friend across from me, my journal and Bible, Luke 15 came alive in my soul, specifically the story of the prodigal son.

From the journal:

You see me coming along way off and the love I have known from You bids me come home. Yes, Your measure is generous toward Your children. My Father's hand is gracious to me. And even when I stay home, You say to me, "My child, you are always with me, everything I have is yours." 

O heart, rejoice! There is nothing to fear. My Father's hand is gracious to me

Lord, free me from my anxiety...from my busyness, for in it I squander my inheritance, I choose not the riches of my Father's house and presence. I run about frenetically trying to secure something, but I end up so very hungry, desirous of pig slop, when even the ones who are merely Your servants have food in plenty. 

So I come home, and I'm found in Your embrace before I even make it in the door. You were waiting for me and Your eyes saw me while I was still along way off. You run out to me. You grip me, holding me fast. You kiss me for I am Your beloved child. I was lost, but now am found. Before I utter apology or request forgiveness, You have reconciled me to Yourself. And even as I acknowledge my wrong, I am robed afresh with a fine garment to cover me. You put Your signet ring on my finger; I am family and I have Your authority when I act.  My feet, too, are made ready. And You call others to rejoice with You. "Kill the fattened calf! My child who was dead is ALIVE, though she was lost she is found."

This love is great. It is steadfast and full. Thank You.

O Lord, help me to remember in all situations that my Father's hand is gracious to me. Lord, may I hold fast to the fact that You have covenanted with me unilaterally. This is love. This is faithfulness.

And how my heart still rejoices. Oh, to be robed in righteous that is not my own from the law, but is by faith in Christ, sweet righteousness from God! And to have been given the Spirit, so that our hearts may cry out, "Abba," and we may be equipped with heavenly authority to act on our Father's behalf and for His glory.

Yes, our Father's hand is gracious.

O, that many more would come to know the riches of our Father's presence and His gracious hand!