Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just a drop in the bucket...

This morning as I was brushing my teeth, I was casting my cares on the Lord. As we talked, He reminded me of a story of His faithfulness. It was truly encouraging to me and I would like to share it with you, but there is a bit of background needed.

Last fall I had the opportunity to intern with an organization called Open Doors. They support the persecuted church; mainly by distributing Bibles and other discipleship tools. As an intern there, I acted as a docent for their Underground Church tours. The tours I led focused on the church in China. It was amazing to see how God went about building His church there and how He used His people to provide for them.

This morning one of the stories of God’s faithfulness came back to me:

In the early 1980’s the underground church in China had grown and was numbered in the tens of millions. However, the church had very few Bibles. In their underground churches, it was rare for the pastor to have a Bible. In 1981, on one night, Open Doors managed to smuggle in 1 million Bibles to China. Project Pearl, as it was called, took many months to orchestrate, but it went off amazingly well. God’s hand was on the project the whole time. The book, Night of a Million Miracles, tells the story in greater detail. In the prologue of the book, a few of the Chinese believer’s prayers were highlighted. They were all praying that God would send them a Bible of their own, as well as Bibles to take throughout China. And God did! He answered their prayers and these Bibles helped to grow the underground Church there. Confiscated Bibles were even distributed to the Communist leaders. They were told to read the book cover to cover (so they would know their enemy) and several gave their lives to Jesus!

God cares! If He can orchestrate 1,000,000 Bibles to be delivered in one night and disperse them throughout China, He can do anything! I want to believe that with the whole of my being.

I am at 79% in my funding for EDGE Corps and God is faithful. Praying for a 100% and knowing that God can make it happen!!