Monday, May 31, 2010

worms squirm, FYI

Brandi thought it would be fun to go fishing tonight and I thought it would be fun to see Brandi fishing. We got some live bait, earthworms to be exact. Neither one of us had ever hooked a live worm before. One of my biggest fears was that worm juice would squirt on me when I punctured the worm. While it didn't happen on the first try, it did on the second. It wasn't so bad and after that the worms became something fun for me to play with.


Here are both of our first successes for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, I wave at the worm. You can also hear our friend Justin in the background.

Sorry, this video is a little long at the end... once the worm is hooked the action is over.


  1. lol..are you wearing overalls?!? who else was with you guys?

  2. Yes, I am wearing overalls, though I believe they are technically shortalls? Our friend Justin came too.

  3. hahaha. i love that you waved to the worm :)

  4. I love your whole outfit purple lacy top, orange hoodie and shortalls! bravo! and Brandi's freak out is the best!