Monday, March 22, 2010


Velocitization is a natural, optical illusion. After an extended period of forward motion, your brain becomes used to the speed at which objects go by and when you stop, stationary objects appear to still move as they would if you continued moving forward.

This happened to me this morning as I finished my walk. I couldn't help but see a parallel between my warped vision and how I feel about life lately. I am moving almost continuously, so much so that when I try to pause, I keep going, or at least my brain does.

However, in all of the chaos of life I find myself thankful. Thankful for my Savior. And that in the busyness, I am not rushing about trying to earn my salvation, but rather confident of the grace that has been provided for me.

Also thankful for a roommate who sneakily did my laundry while I was out babysitting.

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