Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentine's Shirts

I love Valentine's Day! (I may have even rambled on about it last year on Arizona's centennial.) I love love. I love celebrating! I love hearts. (They make me happy because they're symmetrical!)

This year, a friend and I wanted to do something sweet for our friends, so we decided to make them Valentine's shirts. And figured we might as well make ourselves some in the process, too.

In order to do this project yourself, you'll need:
-2 t-shirts per set (we used V-necks)
-Acrylic paint (We used hot pink, red, fuschia, pink, silver and gold.)
-Paint brush
-One plastic straw for each color used
-2 pieces of cardboard or poster board
-Drop cloth or plastic table cloth

In order to prepare your area, lay out the drop cloth. This project gets a bit messy so you may even consider doing it outside.

First, take one shirt and fold it along the v-neckline. Go along the bottom hemline of the shirt and fold it flush. Then place on piece of cardboard between the two shirt layers. (When the shirt is folded one sleeve should be in the center. See picture above, if you're confused.) Fold the same shirt in a similar fashion, but fold the v-neck so that it is facing the opposite direction. This way when the friends, or Valentine's, wearing the shirts stand next to each other, they will form a complete heart. ("Awwww!")

Super fun!!!
We used a paint brush and hot pink paint to make the base heart on each shirt. We then used the straws to splatter the other colors on the heart. If you just dip the straw into the paint and blow, there will be a pit of paint splattered. If you use a bit of suction on the straw in the paint, you will obviously splatter more paint, but it may get gloppy fast! Be careful and experiment to get the desired effect! And have fun! You're painting with a straw.
Your shirts are ready to wear!

Allow the shirts a night to dry before removing the cardboard. This will prevent the paint from bleeding through.

Happy Heart Day!