Wednesday, August 25, 2010

like mother, like daughter

Oh my, summer is over. I feel that today with the start of the Student Ministry Team retreat that the school year is truly here! What a summer it was!

God has been showing me a lot and breathing life into some parts of my heart that were pretty spiritless. I have cried more this summer than I have in a long time and I am happy about it. Most of my tears haven't been bad tears, mostly tears of joy and thankfulness, or tears of compassion. (Though just an hour ago I started crying reading the children's book Love You Forever to Athena. It is just so sweet and my mom used to read it to us when were little tikes, so as it was sitting on the shelf and since Athena had never read it before, I had to share it with her...maybe its the preschool teacher in me?)

These tears, however, represent the fact that the Lord is a faithful restorer that He, in fact, has given me (and you too) emotions for many reasons. I think for a couple of years I wasn't feeling as much as my "normal self" would normally feel and God has been slowly been refining some areas...and I am thankful, even if more tearful. I'm not saying feel your way through life, no, but bring your whole heart to the Lord. Don't be afraid to feel, God is bigger than our feelings and we must of course remember that He is also bigger than the circumstances that spur on whatever we are feeling.

In other news my hair smells SO good!

Friday, August 13, 2010

in a nutshell

What God taught me in Russia:
You fear many things, You need only fear me.