Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cream Cheese - Greek Yogurt Frosting

I made a summery, blueberry lemon cake; however, the lemon did not have a very distinct flavor. It was still delectable. It needed a frosting, but I didn't want it to be overwhelmingly sweet. I had Greek yogurt in my refrigerator and figured it could be used to make frosting. It worked out really well, so well that I will share it. 

The finished product!
Cream Cheese - Greek Yogurt Frosting
-1 8 oz. package of reduced fat cream cheese 
-1 cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt
-1 teaspoon vanilla
-2 cups of sifted powdered sugar

Directions: Whip the cream cheese. Add the yogurt and vanilla, mixing to an even consistency. Lastly, add the sifted powdered sugar. 

Note: I used the frosting immediately after making it, however, it was a bit runny. I think that chilling the frosting for an hour in the refrigerator would help it to have a thicker consistency. While the frosting was runny, it stayed on the cake. It mostly ran out from between the stacked layers.

Also, this seems to be my most popular post, and as sweet a frosting made with Greek yogurt is, the love of Christ is sweeter still. And I hope you know that love!


  1. Hi Alissa!
    This morning I was searching for a frosting that used yogurt and cream cheese, and saw this page. The picture looked so good and your description sounded interesting so I tried it on a Jewish Honey Cake. I haven't served the cake yet but the frosting is heavenly! I did put it in the fridge for a while like you suggested, and even added an extra 2 cups of powdered sugar but it never did get any thicker. No matter though, I love it as it is. I was going to use some to write happy birthday, but I think I'll just add candles. Thanks for sharing! Many blessings to you, and have a blessed Easter.
    Lori in RI